Back, Baby, We’re Back!


After an amazing Winnipeg summer, we’re pretty jacked to be back out on our Sea Otter. ¬†As you can see here ūüôā

Now the work begins! ¬†We’ve got 2-3 weeks to get prepped for the islands — new refrigeration, new battery banks, wind genny, beer run, etc etc. ¬†Gonna be a crazy few weeks and we’re looking forward to it.

Island Time

Our plan was to keep our friends & fam abreast of all the adventures and, if you’ve been by here prior to this, then you know we’ve pretty much blown that completely. ¬†Eke!

We’ve been on island time.

But¬†guess what?! ¬†Don’t expect much anytime soon anyways! ¬†Hehe, kidding.

We’re on one more big 2-week sail with 4 homeslices and then we’re going to slowly start catching up.

It’s been an absolute BLAST. ¬†We’ve got lots to tell you and look forward to it!

Adios for now.